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Fascina, the home of quality PVC-U windows and doors system has been timelessly regarded as the forefront innovators and leaders in Singapore and Southeast Asia. It has built up an enviable track record in the private residential estate. Whether you live in a contemporary new build or a traditional period home, Fascina windows will complement the style of your home accompanied with attributes such as sound insulation, energy efficiency and optimum security.


Great quality and good looks

Not only do we offer a range of applications, our PVC-U windows and doors come in a wide range of designs and sizes customize to suit the architectural and character of your home. Combining quality with aesthetic appeal, bringing the beauty of your home and importantly, it is able to withstand the test of time.


"A lifelong Commitment towards bringing Beauty, Quality & Excellence into your home."


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About Fascina

Fascina Pte Ltd was established in 1987 and is a member of the Tat Hong group companies. Since the 1980’s, the company is synonymous with high-quality PVC-U windows and doors in Singapore and Southeeast Asia.

From a humble and steady growth, the company had expanded to become a reputable company with 1,944sqm of office space and more than 100 employees. In 1989, the company foresaw potential in the Malaysia market and established Esteem Windows, a company that was renamed as Fascina Malaysia in 2010, to create a stronger synergy between both companies. Having established for more than 20 years, it now has an office space of 14,400sqm and a team of dedicated employees.

Fascina shares its considerations for quality of life and sustainable living with its European counterparts. The company has devoted its research facilities to create innovations in plastics conversion, challenging itself to develop and improve new PVC-U materials and products. This excellent partnership created aesthetically innovative designs, yet technologically reliable products that are sustainable in our tropical living conditions in Southeast Asia.

With attributes such as acoustic and heat insulation, water tightness, high security and low maintenance, you can look forward to be the envy of your neighbours. We are confident that Fascina’s windows and doors are a necessity in giving you the lifestyle you have worked towards.

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Fascina’s choice of material is PVC-U. 'PVC' is a chemical compound of chlorine, carbon and hydrogen, which originates from petroleum, or natural gas and common salt. 'U' refers to the unplasticised version of PVC and this material presents good superficial resistance and strong rigidity, mainly used for the extrusion of windows and doors section. The stabilisers in which PVC-U contains help protect your home from the ravages of the sun’s ultra violet rays, ensuring long lasting brilliance of your windows profile.

Apart from being robust and durable, Fascina’s PVC-U material insulates inhabitants of homes effectively, providing excellent solution for noise and energy efficient. Environmentally-conscious home-owner will approve of this PVC-U technology which fulfil the industry of green guide promise of sustainable construction and environmental performance.

Our windows and doors are customize in different designs, sizes and comes in any combination of component glasses. These stylish craftsman finished products add value to, and enhance the natural character of your home, offering you unrivalled comfort, security and a stylish accent to a beautiful home. Do not hesitate, the choice lies in your hands.

Got a question?

Enquire on our expertise and ideas with our window specialist. As a community, we set high standards for friendliness and quality, and we welcome your questions and contributions!

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Production of PVC-U

The composition of the mixture is as follows:


  • A top quality PVC resin in suspension with extraordinarily constant quality
  • A shock resistant agent-- an elastomeric component perfectly compatible with the PVC resin. Effective through time, this does not compromise stability to aging
  • Best quality titanium dioxide in the market to guarantee product stability in the most severe climatic conditions. It renders PVC opaque, reducing decolourisation.
  • Ultra-violet ray absorbent to further improve stability
  • Calcium Carbonate improves the mechanical characteristics of profiles
  • Other special additives for improved processing


PVC-U is one of the most effective materials in the building sector due to:


  • Dimensional stability
  • Color-fast
  • Security
  • Resistance to fire
  • Impact resistance
  • Resistance to humidity and other agents
  • Acoustic insulation
  • High level of water tightness
  • Good insulation coefficient.
  • Strength
  • Minimum level of maintenance work
  • Low energy consumption in comparison to other materials
  • Environmentally friendly


PVC-U when compounded by other materials makes construction products impact resistant, rust proof, colour fade resistant, fire retardant, rigid and lightweight. It has been used extensively in construction products for over half a century. Because of these outstanding qualities, therefore Fascina selected it as the material of choice for all its windows and doors.


Benefits of PVC-U

Noise takes from many forms. It could be the constant whine of aircraft engines, maddening mix of traffic or even the blast of your neighbour's television set. In a modern car, when you close the windows, you shut out noise. But if you leave the window partially open, all the noise comes right in. The same problem, only worse and exists in traditional windows. They have gaps even when closed. The gaps are the result of flaws in design, construction and installation. But, it’s not with Fascina’s PVC-U windows, crafted with a multi-chambered section within each window or door frame, supplemented with fusion-welded joints and compression gaskets. This compromising combination works in sync in eliminating obstructive noise from the environment. If you live in an exceptionally noisy neighbourhood or near traffic intersections, Fascina’s windows and doors is your solution.
Window and door openings are important element of home interior, aside from the purpose of ventilation and letting the light in, it can also be used to frame a beautiful view. A large window or a full height door allows the scorching temperature to penetrate into the house. The liberal use of air-conditioning offers some relief but it is not a sustainable solution. Fascina’s PVC-U profiles are extruded in Europe and have natural insulating properties. Its multi-chambered frames and compression gasket protect against harsh weather elements as well as thermal insulation, minimises the possibility of cool air from escaping, ensuring optimal utilisation of your air-conditioning.
Fascina PVC-U windows and doors systems have been successfully used in swimming-pools and ocean environments without detriment to the surface finishing or performance. One of the main assets of Fascina window and door systems is their resistance to driving raining rain in their joint tightness. Fascina’s efficient drainage system has been thoughtfully designed to prevent water infiltration into our homes .All Fascina PVC-U profiles comes with weep holes that are strategically placed in a staggered manner to create an efficient drainage system, preventing the collection of rainwater in the grooves of the window profiles during downpour. Even with the onslaught of torrential rain, the weep holes provide sufficient water drainage, minimizing the threat of water seepage.
High-stability window and door profiles made of PVC-U profiles offer the best solution for increased safety. Special fittings in glazing, qualified window fabrication and expert installation offer an enhanced security at various levels. For this reason, Fascina windows and doors frames armed with multi-locking points that can be conveniently operated with a single movement handle ensures optimum security. The high quality galvanized steel within a separate internal chamber provides added reinforcements.
Fascina PVC-U windows and doors systems do not require regular repainting and expensive maintenance. The homogenous finishing of our white profiles surface ensure that dirt and dust do not settle easily, cutting down considerably cleaning while our woodgrain finishing does not require the same maintenance of real timber. They do not rot nor corrode even in tropical and salty coastal climates. Therefore, its maintenance is reduced to simple cleaning and does not involve any further costs. 


Glazing Glass

At Fascina, we offer a complete range of glass selection to suit your needs.

Double Glazed - Heat Insulation - Reduced Noise Intrusion - Additional Security
Comprising of two or more sheets of glass and between the glass is an aluminum spacer filled with dessicant. The aluminium spacer and sheets of glass are adhered and sealed by butyl and then polysulfide or silicone. Dry air is sealed in the air space, creating a low conductive barrier. The glass is processed with a primary seal of compressed polyisobutylene followed by a secondary seal using a two- part silicone.

Low-Emission Glass (Low-E) - Energy Saving - High Light Transmittance - Minimal Reflectance 
Sealed within an insulated unit, Low-E coatings selectively transmits the sun's visible light (short-wave radiation) while reflecting a majority of radiant heat (long-wave radiation). This Low-E coating is applied to glass substrate through state of the art magnetically enhanced vacuum deposition (sputtering) technology.

Laminated Glass - Safety - Sound Insulation - Solar reduction 
Laminated glass is also known as a type of safety glass which is produced in an autoclave. By compressing and heating one or more layers of Poly-Vinyl Butyral (PVB) between 2 or more sheets of glass. Most types of glass can be laminated in order to give increased safety.

Tempered Glass - Safety & Strength 
Tempered glass is glass that has been processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Tempered glass is made by processes which create balanced internal stresses which give the glass strength. It will usually shatter into small fragments instead of sharp shards when broken, making it less likely to cause severe injury and deep lacerations.


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With a unique product, Fascina raises the bar on the design and sets a new standard. 
Bright. Brilliant. Beautiful.

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We exercise sustainability and focus on materials wherever possible throughout our entire process.


Fascina’s PVC-U windows not only look great aesthetically, and provide excellent performance. It provides you with excellent acoustic performance, high standards of security and exceptional levels of energy efficiency - bringing serenity, warmth, comfortable all year round. In addition, it comes with warranty of ten years against discolouration for our white profile and five years against delamination for our wood grain series. We are confident that Fascina’s windows and doors are a necessity in offering you the lifestyle that you have been working for.


Fascina’s Woodgrain Advantage. Beauty, uncompromised.

Is Timber the only solution to creating Balinese or tropical theme? It is common knowledge that timber is not a sustainable material in the high humidity and temperature of our tropical climate, causing warping, termite infestation, colour fade and other issues that will result in high maintenance costs.

Taking into consideration on such issues, our European principal undertook the Research and Development task of studying the texture of wood and its durability in our tropical climate. This wood grain product line is available in Walnut and Wenge, incredibly authentic and is often mistaken for real hardwood. Its finishing is not just visual; the texture replicates the feel of hardwood grain. Enjoy the natural charm and beauty of woodgrain whilst benefiting from the modern design features of our high specification PVC-U windows. Let your home reflect the combination of style and technical refinement it deserves.

As a homeowner, you can plan your interior and exterior color scheme around our wood grain products to fully complement your resort inspired home. When you buy our products, you buy into the assurance of a home that will last for generations. Again, another effort in creating the ultimate lifestyle in quality living.

Fascina Malaysia

To enquire about Fascina products and services, you can call us at 
+603 7803 9086 
enquiry.pj@fascina.com.my (PJ showroom) 

+607 660 8339 
enquiry.jb@fascina.com.my (JB showroom)


Fascina Malaysia and Beyond

In 1989, Fascina decided to expand its business out of Singapore, and Esteem Windows was established. It was renamed as Fascina Malaysia in 2010, to create a synergy between both companies. Located at Sunway Damansara Technology Park, Fascina Malaysia has an office space of 14,400sqf and a team of dedicated employees. Their dedication has contributed to Fascina’s excellent track record and strong reputation in the Malaysia market.

Simply take a drive around prestigious estate such as Country Heights Damansara, Damansara Heights, Tropicana or Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, effortlessly, you will be able to spot Fascina PVC-U windows. Our deep commitment to customer-oriented service has lead to a strong working relationship with premier property developers as well.

With the development at Iskandar area, Fascina opened its Johor Bahru showroom and branch office in April 2013. Located at Bukit Indah, a three storey shop-house opposite Aeon Bukit Indah shopping mall, the showroom on the first floor sports a warmth and soothing interior displayed with Fascina’s PVC-U windows and doors.

The strong foundation of Fascina’s PVC-U windows and doors has contributed to the expansion of its base out of Singapore and Malaysia, exporting to countries such as Brunei, Indonesia, East Malaysia, Sri Lanka and North Korea. It is our vision to share the goodwill of the products within Southeast Asia regions, bringing a comfortable lifestyle to you.


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Fascina Pte Ltd

Fascina Pte Ltd - Showroom (By appointment only)
No 9, Changi South Street 1
Singapore 486789
Tel: +(65) 6546 4666
Fax: +(65) 6546 7600
E-mail: sales@fascina.com.sg

Fascina Pte Ltd - Office / Factory
33 Tuas Bay Drive
Singapore 637310
Tel: +(65) 6546 4666
Fax: +(65) 6546 7600
E-mail: sales@fascina.com.sg



Fascina (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd

No 11, Jalan PJU 3/41
Sunway Damansara Technology Park
47810 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: (603) 7803 9086
Fax: (603) 7803 9268
Email: enquiry.kl@fascina.com.my

Johor Bahru
No 9, Jalan i-Park 1/1
Kawasan Perindustrian iPark Indahpura
81000 Kulai
Johor Darul Ta’zim
Tel: (607) 6608 339
Fax: (607) 6608 191
Email: enquiry.jb@fascina.com.my


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